CSPS tackles a wide range of interest in liaison with our local and international partners. It undertakes projects and programs in collaboration with various government agencies, consultants, research partners and tertiary institutions. This serves to build on our research expertise which will bring CSPS side by side with leading think-tanks worldwide.

Events have become an increasingly important part of CSPS' approach to meeting its mandate. The Centre's events programme embraces a range of different audiences with key objectives tailored to each type. Events include seminars, roundtables, forums, conferences as well as strategic dialogues, with active participation from relevant stakeholders in the public sector and addressing strategic policy issues. CSPS events throughout the year reflect the Centre's research programmes and activities as well as the interests of stakeholders in a series of conferences, forum and seminars.

Through stakeholder involvement with the Centre's research projects, the Centre is able to attract high profile speakers, many of whom are leaders in their field.