As of May 2016, the Centre for Strategic & Policy Studies (CSPS), aspires to be an “Internationally Recognized Foresight Think Tank” in addition and as a value added dimension to its flagship as the premier think tank for strategic and policy studies for Brunei Darussalam.

CSPS supports organisational innovation and the design of Anticipatory Governance strategies that fit CSPS mandate and serve the needs of the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.


Through the Brunei Futures Initiative (BFI) the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) intends to become an internationally recognized knowledge hub and centre of excellence in the field of strategic foresight for policy-making.

The Brunei Futures Initiative (BFI) is recognized as a critical component in solving policy challenges for Brunei and its partners. Using its expertise in strategic foresight it generates significant policy breakthroughs and fosters wise development strategies. BFI facilitates and supports cultural change in Brunei’s policy making toward:

  • A proactive foresight outlook
  • A global/international outlook
  • Openness to development alternatives
  • Government accountability and meritocracy
  • A whole of government policy approach
  • Participatory decision making
  • Innovation & creativity


The Brunei Futures Initiative (BFI) intends to solve Brunei’s and its partner’s complex policy challenges through the use of strategic foresight and related approaches.

BFI brings together and fosters synergetic relationships between individuals and organisations, be it experts, practitioners, researchers, or those that have an interest in strategic foresight to collaborate on foresight related policy challenges, to form high impact joint efforts.

BFI creates enabling environments and platforms for such collaborations and collective intelligence, through physical and virtual approaches.

BFI provides a conducive environment that encourages the building and the sharing of foresight knowledge, and exposure to disruptive and innovative perspectives.

BFI’s practical assistance to policy-makers leads to real and recognized improvements, breakthroughs and results for government and partners.