BFI is conducting a number of targeted foresight inquiries using a Global Laboratory approach. The Global Laboratory is a process that asks specific policy questions that a number of countries and communities internationally are also asking- an interpretive community of interest. It seeks to understand what emerging issues and trends are for this community of interest, as well as what nations and communities are pioneering breakthrough policy responses in relation to the targeted inquiry.

The Global Laboratory includes the use of:

  • Syndicated reports and information from inquiry partners
  • Facilitated on-line dialogs between inquiry partners
  • Collection of useful RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts
  • Delphi surveys to understand the emerging futures of inquiry areas
  • Collaboration with inquiry partners on futures research

Inquiry partners can come from governments, NGOs, IGOs, research centres and other agencies and organizations with critical interest in the inquiry topics.

The research distinguishes between evaluation of innovative policies being trialed and applied, and policy ideation.


The strengths of our approach are:

  • We are focused on further developing areas of interest to a number of comparable countries and regions: tropical and equatorial areas, South-East Asia, island-located states, smaller nations and city states, oil-dominated economies and societies based on Islamic worldviews and values. Join us to further explore possible and preferable futures in this unique context.
  • We work with policy-makers in Brunei: to see policy challenges with new eyes, systemic and anticipatory awareness, and to share and solve policy problems together using foresight empowered thinking tools and policy forums. Join us to learn the tools of foresight to boost your policy innovation and policy agility.
  • We work with international research partners: to inquire into and to solve development problems of mutual interest. Join us and our Global Laboratory to partner in addressing select development and policy challenges.
  • We work with futurists and policy-making experts: to advise on critical policy areas and build in best practices in strategic foresight and related areas. Join us to contribute your area specific expert knowledge and support, towards the transition to anticipatory governance and agile policy making.
  • We work with members of the public: to provide a platform for you to contribute innovative ideas for new policies and strategies and to contribute your solutions. Join us so that we could build better futures together.