Workshop elevates research expertise

AUGUST 19, 2023

The Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS), the leading institution for policy research in the Sultanate, concluded its Research Methods for Policy Analysis Workshop at its building in Gadong.

The event brought together researchers, academics, and professionals from various disciplines to enhance the understanding of cutting-edge research methodologies and to strengthen research capabilities.

Participants included officers from the Ministry of Health, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, Brunei Darussalam Central Bank and Manpower Planning and Employment Council.

The workshop provided participants with insights into the latest research techniques, data analysis methodologies, and best practices in conducting rigorous and impactful research.

CSPS facilitators, led by Executive Director Dr Diana Cheong delivered presentations on diverse research methodologies, statistical analysis, data interpretation, and ethical considerations.

Participants had the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the presentations providing practical experience in addressing real-world research challenges.

CSPS plans to organise similar workshops in the future to empower the academic and research community further.

Participants were also awarded certificates.