Energy Futures - Foresight focused on reducing the reliance on fossil fuel driven economy and on creating alternative energy products and related services for sustainable consumption.

Economy Futures - Foresight focused on the diversification of the economy in order to future proof societies during times of economic downturn and to create new opportunities.

Anticipatory Governance - Foresight focused on organising policy and governance structures for the more effective management of complex issues in our times of exponential social change.

Youth Futures - Foresight focused on improvements in education, creative industries, health sectors and the world of work so to strengthen competitive advantages in the future for today’s young people.

Demographic and Cultural Shifts - Foresight focused on pertinent social issues such as aging population, declining birth rates, urbanisation, industrialisation and globalisation.

Work Futures - Foresight focused on creating new models of work, employment, and leisure.

Environmental Futures - Foresight focused on protecting our environment for future generations.