About BFI

CSPS-BFI was set up to bring together and foster synergetic relationships between individuals and organisations that have interest in strategic foresight to collaborate on foresight related policy changes, to form high impact joint efforts and generate significant policy breakthroughs for government and partners.

BFI operates under the patronage of the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) – Brunei’s premier think-tank undertaking policy research and analysis on strategic issues concerning Brunei Darussalam. As of 2016, CSPS aspires to be an “Internationally recognized foresight think-tank” in addition and as a value added dimension to its flagship as the premier think tank for strategic and policy studies for Brunei Darussalam. We aim to assist government agencies and businesses in building foresight and related approaches into policy-making processes.

We provide opportunities for future-minded individuals to generate, share, and disseminate knowledge about strategic foresight through forums, conversations and publications. We encourage anyone that has an open mind, never ending curiosity, and a strong willingness to learn to join our network. We believe that the future is a an on-going learning process and through our collective efforts, each and every one of our members will play a role in challenging and transcending the frontiers of our current understandings of strategic foresight. We welcome strategic foresight ideas from all over the world, addressing global issues as well as country specific topics in the field of economics, environment, and society.