Reaching out to underprivileged families

January 11, 2021

The Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) collaborated with Persatuan Kereta Tahan Lasak Brunei (PKTLB) in organising a charity ride yesterday. Twenty-five underprivileged families from Kampong Batang Mitus and Kebia in the Tutong District received donations during the event that is one of PKTLB’s initiatives under Projek Titian Amal. Kampong Batang Mitus and Kebia Acting Village Head Suhaili bin Alas and village council members attended the event with PKTLB President Abidin bin Musa leading the 4WD convoy. Suhaili expressed his appreciation to PKTLB and CSPS for their charitable initiative and expressed hope that the contributions will help to ease the recipients’ financial burden.