National Master Plan for a Sustainable Land Transportation System

Land Transport Masterplan Executive Summary (download here)

This study was funded by Brunei Research Council (BRC)and in collaboration with Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC) and Ministry of Development (MoD). The study provided a White Paper and Master Plan for a sustainable land transportation system for the whole of Brunei Darussalam, to meet an aspirational future of 4% GDP growth and a population of 800,000 people.

The study focuses on a multimodal land transportation strategy for increased connectivity between rural and urban areas to social amenities, schools and places of work, accessible to all including low income groups, while preserving the environment and road safety.

The main transportation modes proposed include further roads and highways, fuel efficient green vehicles, expansion and greater regulation of the taxi system, a more efficient school bus system, increased pedestrianisation, improved parking planning, regulation and management, a bus rapid transit (BRT) system serving 4 major lines along radial corridors anchored by park and ride facilities, and the setting up of intelligent transport systems (ITS) to facilitate network and transport management across Brunei Darussalam e.g. a Network Management and Control System (NMCS) and a central Brunei Darussalam Transport Management and Control Centre (BTMCC).

MTIC and relevant stakeholders have applied the CSPS findings to form the basis of the current Ministry of Communication White Paper.

A CSPS National Forum on National Masterplan for a Sustainable Land Transportation System for Brunei Darussalam was held in Oct 2014.