Energy Efficiency and Conservation Roadmap (2011)

This national study was funded by Brunei Research Council and in collaboration with Energy Department, Prime Minister's Office (PMO). It provided critical evaluations on energy consumptions in Brunei Darussalam, and recommended eight key policy options to achieve high energy efficiency and conservation such as:

  • Adopting a progressive increase rate tariff mechanism: The Government implemented this tariff type for the household sector starting January 2012, and is expected to incentivise households to conserve energy and thus pay more attention to their consumption.
  • Appliance standards and labelling:  The Energy Department, Prime Minister's Office is currently proposing a nationwide scheme to ensure appliances used meet minimum energy efficiency standards, and also to have appropriate energy labels.
  • Energy management: A few Ministries are already embarking on a pilot testing programme to demonstrate the energy savings that can be achieved via simple applications of energy savings technology and behaviour.

A number of the policy recommendations from the study now form the basis of Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister's Office's (EIDPMO) White Paper on Energy.

A National Conference on Energy Efficiency and Conservation & Alternative Energy: Policy Options for Wawasan 2035 was held in July 2011. This study has been published as a CSPS Report in 2012.