National Productivity (2012 - ongoing)

CSPS was requested by the Prime Minister’s Office in 2011 to conduct research in the field of productivity measurement and growth. The overall aim is to propose for a comprehensive measurement of productivity, review of issues and challenges facing Brunei Darussalam and to formulate a National Productivity Roadmap to support Wawasan 2035 goals, paying special attention to the role of innovation, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE), and the possibility of setting up a new National Productivity Authority. The project is long-term and continuous in nature.

In 2013, CSPS formulated a proposal for a National Productivity Roadmap, including a list of priority action areas and recommendations (among other, the establishment of a National Productivity Council). Published as a CSPS working paper, this study  includes the measurement of labour productivity at the national level and has received positive feedback from public and private agencies at two national forums in 2012.

Following this seminal study, CSPS conducted two company level productivity studies involving, respectively, 5 and 10 companies. These studies led to the development of a Productivity Measurement Framework and Diagnostic Tools and the organisation of productivity training for government agencies and private companies.