Established on 15 June 2006, the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) is a government-funded corporate body set up to undertake independent and objective policy research and analysis on strategic issues concerning Brunei Darussalam, especially those outlined in Brunei's long term development planĀ (Vision 2035/Wawasan 2035)

As stipulated in theĀ Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies Order 2006, the functions of the Centre shall include:

  1. The advancement and dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of research on Brunei Darussalam and on all matters appertaining to Brunei Darussalam's interest; and
  2. The conferring and awarding of diplomas, certificates and fellowships

In providing policy advice which is grounded in empirical research and pertinent data to decision makers, CSPS plays an integral role in nation building. Research projects are conducted, where relevant, in partnership with government agencies, business industries, the private sector, tertiary institutions, research partners and the wider community. CSPS serves as a platform for policy-related discussions by engaging its diverse stakeholders through its conferences and seminars, roundtable forums, closed door discussion seminars and workshops to disseminate its key research findings. It also publishes periodic journals and reports as well as conducts training for both public and private stakeholders.


Networking with stakeholders and research collaboration is a priority for the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS). We aim to be in touch and at the forefront of issues confronting the region and the world at large. The Centre will collaborate with institutions in areas of mutual interest, share information on similar development issues and utilise the experts of these institutions in the implementation of the Centre's mandate.