Strategic Foresight and Strategic Planning

The Masterclass Programmes are highly relevant and suitable for middle to senior officers from both public and private organizations. As each subsequent programme builds on the skills and knowledge attained from the preceding programme, participants may choose to attend only Programme 1 or Programme 1 and 2 only, or all three programmes (i.e. Programme 1, 2 and 3).

CSPS is offering three (3) training programmes:

Programme 1: Strategic Foresight

Masterclass Programme 1 covers the philosophical foundations of Strategic Foresight that support policy making and strategic planning to create wiser futures. Participants will achieve competency in foresight tools and scenario planning approaches such as emerging issues analysis, horizon scanning, futures wheel, Shell scenario building, Manoe method, causal layered analysis and more.

Programme 2: Strategic Planning

Masterclass Programme 2 will guide participants through the 10-step Haines Model of Strategic Management using Systems Thinking: prepare to begin, envision the preferred future, define key success measures, assess the current statem develop core strategies, develop three-year business plans, develop annual plans and strategic budget, prepare to implement, drive implementation and transformation, and conduct annual strategic review and updates.

Programme 3: Strategic Planning Facilitator Masterclass with Haines Certification 

Masterclass Programme 3 is a Haines Masterclass where participants attend a 4-days immersion and boot camp, to demonstrate their mastery of the topic and acquire more in depth knowledge and competency. Our Haines expert facilitator will provide feedback on performance and assess understanding of the topic. Haines certification will only be awarded upon completion of this programme. Programme 1 and 2 are compulsory for Programme 3.