Executive Development Workshop Series in Strategic Foresight and Strategic Planning

The Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies offers a first-of-its-kind workshop series which combines Strategic Foresight, Horizon Scanning and Strategic Planning methodologies. The workshop series are innovative and uniquely different from others in their approach as they introduce emerging fields of Strategic Foresight and Horizon Scanning as a major dimension of the entire Strategic Planning development process. Furthermore, our special brand of Strategic Planning incorporates Systems Thinking and Narrative approaches to understanding and managing change.

The workshops are designed to give policymakers and decision makers in both public and private sectors a head start in solving tomorrow’s problems today. They will also lead to the mastery of tools and methods in Strategic Foresight, Horizon Scanning and Strategic Planning. The course provides easy to use approaches that are effective in supporting pro-active and anticipatory policy making.

The use of strategic foresight is extremely valuable in improving policy making and strategic planning. Broadening our range of information sources and developing a broader picture of social change enhances policy making intelligence. This renewed intelligence allows us to anticipate emerging issues, social, political, technological and other changes, to reduce surprises, leverage opportunities and enact preventative policy measures. This makes our policies more durable and effective in a changing world. Strategic foresight, therefore, supports policy making in being flexible, agile and effective.

Strategic foresight is not just about making policy adaptive, it is fundamentally about realising our preferred future. Envisioning and achieving preferred visions for the future, such as the Wawasan Development Goals, is fundamental to strategic foresight for policy making.

Pro-active strategy formulation creates alignment between our preferred futures and implementation options within the context of a changing world. This requires new perspectives on policy making that are holistic, foster collaboration, can deal with wicked problems, involve stakeholders in idea development and policy formulation and challenge default and 'used' futures.

The programme includes three separate workshops of two, three or four days duration. Participants may choose to either attend only Workshop 1 or to attend all three workshops:

  1. Workshop 1: Strategic Foresight & Horizon Scanning (3 days)
    This is a three-day workshop which introduces participants to the tools and methodologies of Strategic Foresight. It is designed to first give learners the foundations for strategic foresight perspectives and approaches that support policy making and strategic planning to create wiser futures.
  2. Workshop 2: Strategic Planning & Systems Thinking (4 days)
    This is a three-day workshop which introduces participants with the 10-step Model of Strategic Management using Systems Thinking. This is followed by a three-month applied project period where participants apply their newly acquired knowledge and tools in Strategic Foresight and Strategic Management at their respective workplaces.
  3. Workshop 3: Action Learning and Evaluation (2 days)
    This is a two-day workshop where participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and draw lessons from the implementation of their applied projects carried out over the past few months.

Executive Development Workshop Series in Strategic Foresight & Strategic Planning 2 (2017)

(August 2017: Workshop 1, September 2017: Workshop 2, January 2018: Workshop 3)

Executive Development Workshop Series in Strategic Foresight & Strategic Planning 1 (2016)

(November 2016: Workshop 1, January 2017: Workshop 2, April 2017: Workshop 3)