Trends and Emerging Issues: Implications for Brunei Darussalam (2016)

This focused research was conducted and completed in 2016 by CSPS as part of an ongoing Foresight Study Project in order to: (1) identify current and emerging issues as well as trends likely to impact Brunei Darussalam in the near and medium term future, and (2) prioritise emerging issues and trends in order to provide specific future-oriented policy advice on a number of topics of concern.

Main policy recommendations are:

  • Horizon scanning for emerging issues and trends needs to be comprehensive, ongoing and done across governmental sectors;
  • The list of prioritised trends and emerging issues are as follows: failure to diversify, high unemployment, the future concept of work, Brunei Darussalam's ghost towns, population reaches 1 million, the end of jobs and social security, community disintegration, trade globalisation, big data is here, outbreaks of infectious diseases, imported terrorism and whole of government approach.

Findings have been socialised to about 130 stakeholders at a CSPS Forum in September 2016 and it has been accepted for publication in CSPS Strategy and Policy Journal Volume 6.

A Pack of Future Deckcards has been produced and CSPS intends to conduct interactions with education institutions, Government agencies and private sectors.