White Paper on Reducing Cross Border Expenditure by Making Brunei the Preferred Holiday Destination for All by 2020 (2015)

The overall objective of the White Paper is to reduce the high rate of cross border expenditure (incurred by Bruneian visitors abroad) by specifically addressing how we can improve the leisure and recreational options in Brunei Darussalam so that our locals will choose the country as the preferred holiday destination. This White Paper was commissioned by Authority Monetary Brunei Darussalam (AMBD).

Two surveys of local Bruneians and overseas visitors were conducted by CSPS in order to provide empirical data for the recommendations of the White Paper, in addition to focus group interviews and workshops with the wider community.  A major implication of the stated CSPS surveys is that it is clear that our local Bruneians and overseas visitors can be persuaded to choose Brunei Darussalam as their preferred holiday destination if appropriate leisure and recreational attractions were to be developed and or offered within the country.

The White Paper proposes for 4 strategic initiatives which are financially low cost and can be completed in a short to medium term of 10 years:

  • Jerudong Integrated Leisure Destination: Marine & Leisure Park
  • Bandar Seri Begawan City Development: Kg. Ayer Cultural Park and Heritage Trail
  • Five National Theatres for Brunei
  • Temburong Eco Sanctuary Resort and Nature Adventure

A critical mass of at least 25,000 local and overseas visitors per week is aimed for and the Strategic Initiatives were selected according to the guiding principles of promoting economic growth, competitive offering, environmental sustainability, social sustainability, financial sustainability and physical viability.

It was recommended that a Steering Committee, with the most senior leadership under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) or the Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism (MPRT), be established in order to successfully implement the Strategic Initiatives. The most important prerequisite to the success of the Strategic Initiatives is the securing of funding, be it government or private.

The CSPS White Paper has been endorsed by AMBD and its implementation is under discussion by AMBD and MPRT. This study has been published as a CSPS Report in 2016.