Development Analysis and Strategic Planning (2015-2016)

DASP is intended to be a longitudinal study whereby national development indicators are updated and analysed on an annual basis resulting in an annual development report (CBDR). The objective of this study is to:

  • To review national development performance based on the goals of Wawasan 2035.
  • To identify current and future development trends
  • To formulate future development options and strategic policy plans and recommendations

In 2015, CSPS prepared the first pilot report on Economics & Finance Strategy. The report analyses trends and projections from the last decades for basic indicators, providing cross-country comparisons and identifying policy areas that need improvements. Areas of analysis were, among others: macroeconomy, employment, competition, infrastructure, capital market, economic cooperation, and energy.

CSPS has also prepared the first pilot report on the Education Strategy. The report analyse indicators based on the policy directions highlighted in the Outline of Strategies and Policies for Development (OSPD) for 2007-2017. Particular focus was given to the following policy areas: early childhood education, teaching and learning practice, educational expenditure by institutional sources, initiatives in e-learning and distance programmes, and the research and development activities by institutions. Development analysis and policy recommendations were provided for each policy area and indicator.

The deliverables for this study consisted of:

  • Updated databank of the Brunei Development Information Kit
  • Two reports on the Economics and Finance Strategy and the Education Strategy
  • One journal article and one working paper.